Top Web Design Tips for Online Marketers

web designDigital marketing is becoming more and more challenging as time goes by, yet remains to be the most effective marketing strategy. That can mainly be attributed to the ever-increasing competition. Online marketers have to leverage every advantage that they can get to get ahead in the industry. Web design is where it should all start. Some people higher designers for the job, but using a web design tool such as Wix could prove to be invaluable. A few of the top web design tips that you can use as an online marketer are highlighted below.

Make the Website Responsive

A responsive site means that the site is suitable for any device, particularly desktops, tablets and smartphones. Google updated its algorithm to rank responsive sites higher than the non-responsive ones. Merely making your website responsive should result in an improvement on Google rankings. Additionally, a majority of users go online via their smartphones. That makes it essential that you make your site responsive to accommodate the needs of all those users.

Include a Blog

How active your site is, also affects its rankings on Google. It is thus essential that you keep updating your site with new and relevant content to ensure you retain or improve the rankings. However, adding new content to your site can dilute the existing pages that are more important. With a blog, you can add as many articles, images, and videos as you wish without diluting the other important pages. Make sure all the content you add is relevant and original to avoid penalties from the search engines.

Include Social Media Buttons

The importance of social media is currently at an all-time high. As a digital marketer, you should know and appreciate the importance of social media and leverage that to your advantage. You can harness the benefits of social media by including social network buttons on your site and linking them to your accounts. Also, make sure they are in a prominent place on the site. Including social sharing buttons on the blog will also be an added advantage.

Incorporate an Email List

Make sure that you incorporate a mailing list as you design your website. It is an effective online marketing technique that is growing quite rapidly, and for a good reason. When used correctly, email marketing can drive user engagement, double conversions, and increase retention, among many other benefits. Regarding web design, ensure that a user cannot overlook the space on your page where you allocate the email list sign up. Remember to keep the users engaged at all times.